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Residential Properties

Use our VIP Support program to locate residential properties, to suit your requirements.

Commercial Properties

Commercial property is always in demand whether for retail, food & beverage or office space

Islands & Remote Locations

In today's world, are you looking to re-locate to a remote or secure location - a private island perhaps?

Alliance Real Estate Vanuatu

Alliance Real Estate provides a wide range of 'realty' services ...

Why Choose Us?

Local knowledge and experience. Alliance Real Estate is founded on over 40 years residence and 30 years local financial services and real estate experience.


24/7 Support Desk

Alliance Real Estate provides a secure & confidential 24/7 VIP support desk to assist all enquiries

Real Estate & Property Sales

Alliance specialises in sales and buying services and advice on all types of properties.

Lease & Rental Management

Alliance Real Estate can market your lease/rental properties and provide ongoing management services.