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Vanuatu Real Estate Glossary

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Term Main definition
Bond contributor

A tenant who pays an amount towards the rental bond is a bond contributor. All bond contributors should be listed on the bond refund/bond.

Bond or rental bond

A security deposit paid at the start of a tenancy

Co-tenancy / co-tenancies

All tenants are named on the tenancy agreement.


Resolution, compromise, settlement, mediation.

Emergency repair

Serious problem needing urgent repair.

Fair wear and tear

Normal wear in a property.

Fixed agreement

Tenancy agreement with a fixed start and end date.


Things attached or installed in the property, e.g. picture hooks.


Things attached or installed in the property, e.g. picture hooks.


Things included for use (e.g. dishwasher and furniture).

Joint lessor

Eg. a couple who jointly own a property and rent it directly to the occupant.

Lease break

If a property manager/owner or tenant ends a fixed term agreement before the end date without suffiicient reason.


A property owner.

Mortgagee in possession

Mortgage company or bank takes over a property.

Moveable dwelling

Caravan, manufactured home, or site.

Notice to remedy breach

Written document asking a person to fix a problem.

Parties to the agreement / parties

Everyone included in the agreement e.g. tenant and manager.

Periodic agreement

Tenancy agreement that extends for an unspecified period.

Property manager

Someone authorised by the property owner to manage the rental property on their behalf. Examples include real estate agent, caravan park manager and on-site manager.

Property owner

A person who owns a property and rents it directly to the occupant. Also known as a lessor or landlord.


Person providing rooming accommodation.

Remedy breach

Fix a problem.

Rent auctions / rent bidding

Bidding for how much rent a tenant will pay.


A person who is renting a room and whose responsibilities include payment of rent.

Rooming accommodation

Boarding house, hostel, student accommodation.


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