BELLEVUE: 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, partly furnished, swimming pool, nice garden.  Vt 230,000pm

COOK AVENUE:  3 bedroom plus office, furnished, convenient location.  Vt 180,000pm

COOK AVENUE: 2 bedroom cottage fully furnished, lagoon frontage.  Vt 185,000pm

HARBOUR: 3 bedroom apartment fully furnished 2 bathrooms, beautiful view of the harbour. convenient location.  Vt 300,000pm

HARBOUR: executive house furnished with harbour frontage, exclusive location, mns to CBD, 4 bedrooms plus, 3 bathrooms.  Vt 400,000pm

MALAPOA: 1 bedroom unit furnished.  Vt 48,000pm

MALAPOA: 3 bedroom with panoramic view of the harbour. 3 bathrooms, plus ...furnished, swimming pool to share, large entertainment area.  Vt 400,000pm

MELCOFFE: 1 bedroom apartment, access to swimming pool, fully furnished.  Vt 125,000pm

NAMBATRI: 2 apartments view of the harbour.  Vt 93,000pm

NAMBATRI: 2 bedroom bungalow with mezzanine available fully furnished.  Vt 150,000pm

PANGO ROAD/ELLOUK: 2 bedroom apartment fully furnished , private and secure.  Vt 160,000pm

PANGO: 5 bedroom house, 3 bathrooms, fully equipped, swimming pool to share. secured (crimsafe netting)  Vt 250,000pm

TEOUMA: 2 bedroom units (x 6) for rent from Vt 75,000 pm partly furnished, new construction with small garden. security guard.




BOUGAINVILLE HOUSE: 2 room office, CBD.  VT 75,000PM

WAREHOUSE: Salili area. large space - with office space/toilets/kitchenette.   Vt 260,000pm + vat